We are pleased to launch this series of profiles looking at the life and work of St Hugh’s alumnae who were ‘firsts’ in their respective fields. Many more alumnae will be added to this series over the coming months, but please do get in touch if you would like to suggest an alumna for inclusion, or indeed if you would be interested in contributing to the project by putting together a profile, 通过发邮件 发展.office@st-hughs.batirsurlerock.com.

Our deepest thanks to those alumni who have already contributed to the project.


Gwyneth Bebb led a short but extraordinary life during which she famously fought against the exclusion of women from the legal profession and became a pioneer for women lawyers.  She was the first woman to obtain a First Class in Jurisprudence at Oxford in 1911, however she was unable to be awarded her degree at that time as the University did not confer them on women until 1920. Were it not for her untimely death at the age of 31, she is likely to have become the first woman barrister.

点击这里 读她的简介, 作者:维罗妮卡·洛(《威尼斯游戏大厅》, 1969), 圣休大学校友会会长.

In 2018 the St Hugh’s 校友会 hosted a symposium in College entitled ‘A Woman is Not a Person’ on the life and work of Gwyneth Bebb and the impact of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919. 请观看该事件的录像 点击这里.


Dame Joan Evans DBE FSA FRHistS (Archaeology, 1914)

Dame Joan Evans enjoyed a long and distinguished career as an author and historian and was renowned for her remarkable collection of gems and jewels. In 1959 she was appointed the President of the Society of Antiquaries, 第一位担任此职位的女性. 点击这里 读她的简介.


Mathematician Dame Mary Cartwright was a pioneer of what is now known as chaos theory, 并担任格顿学院的女主人, 剑桥大学, between 1949 and 1968 (the longest-serving Mistress in the history of the College). She was the first woman mathematician to be elected to the Royal Society in 1947 and became the first woman to receive the Society’s Sylvester Medal in 1964. She was also the first woman to be President of the Mathematical Association and the first woman to be President of the London Mathematical Society. 点击这里 读她的简介.

Evelyn Simpson博士(née Spearing, English, 1920)

Dr Evelyn Simpson was appointed a tutor in English Literature at St Hugh’s in 1919, and went on to become the first woman to be awarded a DPhil at Oxford for her thesis on John Donne in 1922. 点击这里 读她的简介.

朵琳Warriner教授 OBE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1922)

朵琳Warriner教授 was one of the very courageous leading women who went to Prague in 1938 to assist Social Democrat and Jewish refugees fleeing the advance of Nazism. 1941年,她被授予大英帝国勋章.

英国大屠杀英雄奖章In 2018 she was awarded posthumously, by Her Majesty’s Government, a 英国大屠杀英雄奖章 which bears the inscriptions: ‘In recognition of Doreen Warriner whose selfless actions preserved life in the face of persecution’ and ‘In the Service of Humanity’.

点击这里 读她的简介, written by Dr Gianetta Corley (Modern Languages, 1958).


照片由Henry Warriner提供

The Rt Hon Baroness Castle of Blackburn PC (née Betts, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1929)

芭芭拉·卡塞尔是一名工党政治家, and the longest serving woman MP in the history of the House of Commons until 2007. She is the only woman to have held the office of First Secretary of State (1968-70). She was a life-long advocate for the transforming power of socialism. 点击这里 读她的简介.


伊丽莎白·克罗伊德 DBE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1930)

伊丽莎白·克罗伊德 was a civil servant and consumer rights campaigner, and served as the first director of the Consumer Council between 1963 and 1971. 从1965年开始,她是赛马场主, in 1975, she was appointed to the Tote Board as its first woman member.

点击这里 读她的简介, written by Dr Gianetta Corley (Modern Languages, 1958).



Solar astronomer Madge Adam was internationally known for her ground-breaking research on the nature of sunspots and their magnetic fields. She was the only woman undergraduate in her year at Oxford reading Physics, and the first woman to achieve First Class Honours in the subject in 1934. She went on to become the first postgraduate student in solar physics at the 威尼斯游戏软件下载 Observatory. She was also the first woman to be elected a member of Council of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1944. 点击这里 读她的简介.

Kofoworola Ademola女士(née Moore, English, 1932)

夫人Ademola was a lifelong advocate for women’s education and social reform. She was the first black African woman to achieve a degree at Oxford. 点击这里 读她的简介.

In 2020 we were delighted to launch our new fund in honour of 夫人Ademola to support graduate students and visiting scholars from Africa. If you would like to support the College’s effort to encourage greater participation and representation from Africa, 请联络发展处 发展.office@st-hughs.batirsurlerock.com.


Kamila Tyabji (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1937)

Kamila Tyabji was an Indian lawyer, social reformer and women’s rights activist. She was the first woman lawyer to argue a case before the Privy Council. 点击这里 读她的简介.


Esmé哈德菲尔德是耳鼻喉科的先驱, and the first woman to be appointed to the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons in England in 1978. She is particularly remembered for her work on adenocarcinoma of the nasal sinuses. 点击这里 读她的简介.

Monica Sims OBE (English Language and Literature, 1943)

Monica Sims enjoyed a trail-blazing career in broadcasting and was the most senior woman in the BBC on her retirement in 1984. She was the first woman to become Controller of BBC Radio 4, and the first woman to become Director of Radio Programmes at the BBC. 点击这里 读她的简介.


Sheila Cameron has enjoyed a distinguished career as a barrister and ecclesiastical judge. 1956年从威尼斯游戏软件下载毕业后, she entered a professional world in which there was strongly voiced opposition to women, with some Chambers announcing that their policy was not to accept women as tenants. Despite having been told by her senior clerk when she was offered a tenancy that “this is against my express wishes: as far as I am concerned I will offer return briefs to the men in Chambers before you, 即使他们的级别比你低", Sheila went on to prove herself to her colleagues in magistrates’ court while representing clients of the Mary Ward Legal Advice Centre, 并成为一名成功的律师. 她从1958年到2001年担任律师. 在她实践中, 希拉的主要兴趣一直是教会法律, a field in which she achieved a number of firsts and continued to work until 2009. 点击这里 读她的简介.


Honorary Fellow and alumna 莉斯爵士Forgan is a celebrated journalist, 广播电视主管. In 2009 she became Chair of Arts Council England, the first woman to be appointed to this position. 点击这里 读她的简介.


Aung San Suu Kyi (Philosophy, Politics and Economics, 1964)

Aung San Suu Kyi read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at 威尼斯游戏软件下载, matriculating in 1964. She became the first State Counsellor of Myanmar (in effect Prime Minister) when her party, 全国民主联盟, won the first openly contested elections in Myanmar in 2015, before which the country had been a military dictatorship for almost 50 years. 点击这里 读她的简介, 作者:维罗妮卡·洛(《威尼斯游戏大厅》, 1969), 圣休大学校友会会长.

简·格洛弗教授 DBE FRCM HonRAM (Music, 1968)

Acclaimed British conductor and musicologist 简·格洛弗教授 was recently awarded the Royal Philharmonic Society’s Gamechanger Award for her pioneering work in bringing more female conductors to the stage. She has conducted all the major symphony and chamber orchestras in Britain, 以及欧洲的管弦乐队, 美国, 亚洲和澳大利亚, and she is much in demand on the international opera stage. She has been Music of the Baroque’s music director since 2002.

Jane was the first woman to conduct at Glyndebourne, the second woman to conduct at the BBC Proms and also the Royal Opera House, 考文特花园和, 就在2013年, the third woman to conduct at the Metropolitan Opera.

点击这里 读她的简介.


尊敬的希瑟·哈雷特男爵夫人 (Jurisprudence, 1968)

在她杰出的职业生涯中, Honorary Fellow and alumna 尊敬的希瑟·哈雷特男爵夫人 has been a pioneer for women in the legal profession and a champion for diversity among practising lawyers and in judicial appointments. She retired from her position as Vice-President of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division in October 2019, and she now sits as a cross-bencher in the House of Lords. In 1995 she was elected the first female Leader of the South Eastern Circuit of the Bar, and in 1998 she became the first woman to chair the Bar Council. 点击这里 读她的简介, 作者:维罗妮卡·洛(《威尼斯游戏大厅》, 1969), 圣休大学校友会会长.


海伦Ghosh DCB (née Kirkby, Modern 历史, 1973)

海伦Ghosh became Balliol College’s first female Master in 2018. She previously served as Director General of the National Trust from 2012, following a distinguished career in the Civil Service. 作为一名公务员, she was the first – and so far the only – woman to serve as Permanent Secretary of one of the three “great Departments of State” (Treasury, 外交部, 家庭办公). 点击这里 读她的简介.


特蕾莎·梅议员 (née Brazier, Geography, 1974)

特蕾莎·梅议员 served as Prime Minister of the UK between 2016 and 2019 and 首页 Secretary between 2010 and 2016. She was elected Conservative MP for Maidenhead in 1997. She is the first and only woman to have held two Great Offices of State. She also served as the first female Chairman of the Conservative Party between 2002 and 2003. 点击这里 读她的简介.


丽贝卡面前 (English Language and Literature, 1982)

丽贝卡面前 is a BAFTA-award winning actress and writer, perhaps best known for her performance as Nicola Murray in 最重要的事. She has worked with several charities to raise awareness of mental health, 也是英国焦虑的赞助人. She is also an ambassador for Together For Short Lives and the deaf-blind charity Sense. While at Oxford, Rebecca became the first female President of the Oxford Revue. 点击这里 读她的简介.

莎拉熄灭 MBE FRGS(生物科学,2004)

Alumna and Honorary Fellow 莎拉熄灭 is a British athlete, 冒险家, 畅销书作家和励志演说家. 她是第一个女人, 最年轻的人, to row solo across the Indian Ocean as well as the Pacific Ocean from Japan to Alaska. 点击这里 去看莎拉的简介.

Portrait by photographer Anita Corbin for the series ‘First Women’




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